Each of us were designed with unique talents, gifts, personalities, etc., and it’s up to us to discover and develop them. Listed below are various tests that will help you better understand yourself and others. When we know our unique traits and gifts we can more efficiently fulfill our purpose. 



My Personality 

The Myers-Briggs test gives you a good idea of your personality and how it plays into effect. Keep in mind, the information on this website is not to be taken as gospel, but is meant to inspire personal growth and an improved understanding of yourself and your relationships. 


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My Love Language 

If you want to improve your relationships The 5 Love Languages test will give you a better understanding of yourself and others to do so. You'll figure your top love languages, what they mean, and how to better connect with others through them. 

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My Spiritual Gifts 

Each follower of Christ has been given spiritual gifts, it's our job to discover and utilize them. The Spiritual Gifts Test will help get you started. 

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